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Here you can find the race regulations, then download them via the link.

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SEPTEMBER 15th, 2024


The "A.S.D. DOLOMITICA SPORT TRENTINO "in collaboration with," VAL RENDENA RUNNING" organizes a half marathon race of 21.0975 km (homologation n. H11 2021)     
The race is included in the national calendar of FIDAL (Italian Federation of Athletics).


Place and date: Pinzolo-Tione Sunday 15th September 2024

Meeting time 08:30

Start: 10:30 am, Pala Dolomiti, Piazza San Giacomo, Pinzolo (TN)

Finish: Sesena Sports Center in Tione di Trento



Participation requirements for Dolomitica Run Half Marathon Val Rendena




According to the provisions of the "Rules for the organization of events" issued by FIDAL, athletes registered in Italy in possession of one of the following requirements can participate:

       - Athletes registered for 2024 for teams affiliated to FIDAL (Italian Federation of Athletics) from 18 years  onwards.

       - Athletes in possession of a Runcard or EPS Runcard  (valid as a sports insurance and license to compete); Participation is in any case subject, in addition to the possession of the "RUNCARD", to the presentation of a medical certificate of specific competitive fitness for athletics, valid, which must be shown to the organizers in original and preserved, in copy, in the acts of the organizing committee of the event. mandatory documents: copy of The Runcard, competitive medical certificate from athletes from 20 years onwards.



Italian/foreign athletes not registered in Italy, in possession of one of the following requirements, can participate:

  • Athletes with a card of teams affiliated to Foreign Athletics Federations recognized by the WA must sign a self-certification attesting to their membership at the time of withdrawal of the bib. from 18 years onwards .

  • Athletes in possession of Runcard (valid as sports insurance and liscense to compete); Participation is in any case subject, in addition to the possession of the "RUNCARD", to the presentation of a valid medical certificate of specific competitive fitness for athletics, which must be shown to the organizers in original and kept, in copy, in the acts of the organizing company of the event. mandatory documents: copy of The Runcard, competitive medical certificate from athletes from 20 years onwards .




The timing service is by Evodata – Timing&Data via transponder chip to be returned.





Registrations are possible through the portal

Online registration closes: 11.09.2024




  •  until 31.05.2024 € 20.00

  •  from 01.06.2024 to 11.09.2024 € 30.00 Online

  •  late registration from 12.09 to 15.09.2024 € 40.00

  •  Team promotion is every 10 members + 1 free 


The participation fee includes:

  • race bib

  • race pack

  • medical assistance

  • timing microchip

  • personal clothing bag

  • refreshments along the way

  • refreshment on arrival

  • good pasta party

  • shuttle bus from arrival to departure


Registrations will be closed oneline at the end of the 11.09.2024 at 23:59 or upon reaching 1000 participants.In the registration by post, the postmark is authentic. A.S.D. Dolomitica reserves the right to close registrations early or to accept registrations beyond the closing date at its sole discretion.

Registration is accepted only by simultaneous payment of the amount. If a competitor does not participate in the race, he is not entitled to a refund of the registration fee paid.



Participation fees are not refundable under any circumstances. However, the registered athlete unable to take part in the race, is offered the possibility of transferring the registration to another person. it is possible to transfer the registration to another person by making a request no later than 31.08.2024 by paying a supplement of € 10.00 for secretarial rights. The person registered in substitution must provide all personal information related to his membership and a medical certificate. The fee of € 10.00 must be paid by Italian bank transfer, with bank charges to be paid by the purchaser, payable to A.S.D. Dolomitica Sport Trentino IBAN: IT03A 0807 8352 6000 0029 0112 46 at Cassa Rurale Adamello Giudicarie Val Sabbia Paganella




At the Pala Dolomiti Piazza San Giacomo, Pinzolo (TN)

Saturday,    14.09.2024 from 16:00 to 19:00

Sunday,       15.09.2024 from 08:00 to 10:00




Female and male as follows:


  • Absolute female and male

  • By female and male categories

  • Super team largest group

In the Super team ranking, the largest group, the athletes of each ranked team are counted.


Awarded categories and special prizes

It is a good idea to be personally present to collect the prize, which will not be sent home. 

Prizes are not subject to change.

The prizes must be equal for male and female for the same race, in international and national road races 25% of the prize pool must be reserved for Italian athletes, art. 38 of the Rules for the Organization of Events 2024.*The prize pool of 25% will not be awarded for performances exceeding 1h11'00 male ranking and 1h23'00 female ranking.

NB: Runcard registered athletes  will be included in the ranking but will not be able to benefit from cash prizes (or value vouchers, bonuses, engagements, expense reimbursements, etc.)


General Classification

The first 5 classified of the men's and women's general classification will be awarded.


                  Male          1° 400.00 €, 2° 250.00 €, 3° 200.00 €, 4°100.00 €, 5° 50.00 €   

                  Female      1° 400.00 €, 2° 250.00 €, 3° 200.00 €, 4°100.00 €, 5° 50.00 €

       *Italian Athletes M/F  1° 120.00 €, 2°   80.00 €, 3°   50.00 €

      Super Team Prizes      1° 300.00 €, 2° 200.00 €, 3° 100.00 €


Age categories

The first 3 classified of each male and female age category will be awarded starting from the Juniors 18-19 up to the Seniors 70, categories of 5 years.

For the categories MF/MM 75 and 80 prize to the first category.

(Prizes in products)


10 km Passage

1st, 2nd, 3rd place Female and Male (prizes in products)




1.30 pm – Sesena Sports Center  in Tione di Trento




km 21.0975, All route is paved. Maximum time 3 hours




Drinks are distributed: water, tea, energy drinks, every 5km along the route and on arrival. A sponge service will also be set up in case of high temperatures.




At the Pala Dolomiti Piazza San Giacomo, Pinzolo (changing rooms) and at the Sesena Sports Center  in Tione di Trento (changing rooms and showers) opening on Sunday 07:00





A shuttle bus service will be available from the race arrival to start in Pinzolo from 13:00 to 17:00




The race bib must be fixed on the chest in a clearly visible way. The bib number is personal and cannot be used by any other person. The bib number must be collected personally. Race bibs and race packs can also be collected by third parties, with written proxy, letter of confirmation of the delegator and photocopy of a valid identification document. If an athlete does not deliver the missing documentation, he will not be able to collect the bib number that will not be reimbursed and will be able to collect only the race package.



Together with the bib will be delivered a bag with an identification number showing your race number to be applied in a clearly visible way. The bag must contain only the personal clothing of the participants to be used for the post-race change and will be the only container accepted by the organization, it will be collected, kept and returned at the end of the race at the reserved space "Athlete’s bag deposit" set up on arrival at the Sesena Sports Center in Tione. It is advisable not to leave personal belongings (mobile phone, wallet, etc.) inside the bags, the organization cannot be held responsible for any theft, loss or damage.




Any complaints must be submitted within 30 minutes of the presentation of the rankings in the first instance verbally to the Referee at the races and in the second instance in writing to the Appeal Judge, accompanied by the fee of € 100.00, which will be returned if the complaint is accepted. For anything not expressly provided for in this regulation, please refer to the general regulations of FIDAL. The Race Judges Group may disqualify athletes who do not pass through the detection points located along the route.




The organizing company declines any and all responsibility for accidents and damage to athletes, third parties and things, before, during and after the event. For anything not covered by this regulation, the rules of the G.G.G., the technical regulations of FIDAL, the provisions of the WA and the laws in force apply. The competition is covered by RCT insurance.




Law 13 of the GDPR 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, European Regulation on the protection of personal data)In full compliance with the provisions of the law on the protection of personal data, the data requested with the registration will be exclusively processed for the normal secretarial activity of the race above  indicated, as well as for any proposals and communications related to the activities of the Dolomitica Organizing Committee The update or cancellation can be requested by writing to:

In the same way, the will not to communicate the data in question to others can be manipulated. The privacy form can be consulted on


By registering you declare that you are in possession of a regular card, that you have read this regulation and you express your consent to the use of data, just the provisions of the Privacy Law 13 of the GDPR 2016




The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify these regulations in all its parts, subject to communication and approval by the Regional Committee and FIDAL, for the changes that will be made to the F.I.D.A.L. regulations and for reasons that it deems appropriate for a better organization of the race


Participants, by registering for the Dolomitica Run 2024, accept the rules of this


regulation thus showing that you are aware of it.






By signing the registration form, the competitor expressly authorizes the organizers to use the images, fixed and / or moving, that portray him during his participation in the Dolomitica Run 2024 free of charge. The organizers may transfer to their institutional and commercial partners the rights of use of the image provided for in this  agreement. This authorization to use your image must be considered provided for an indefinite period, in compliance with the laws, regulations and treaties in force and without territorial limits throughout the world; for use in various publications and films, including, but not limited to, promotional and/or advertising materials made on all media.




It is strictly forbidden to throw garbage along the way. Participants are invited to maintain a decent attitude in the race and during the starting operations. 





Organizing Committee



Via dei Sales 5,38086 Carisolo (TN) - Italy





Helpdesk Registration:


Website :


Facebook page: Dolomitica Bike


Instagram: Dolomitica Run


Infoline :

President                          Michele Maturi                            +39 339 461 8574                      

Technical and route info  Dennis Beltrami                          +39 338 837 0390

Press Office                      Studio PR Donatella Simoni       +39 333 149 6068


Departure logistics            Walter Maestri                            +39 331 371 2599

Arrival logistics                 Michele Salvaterra                      +39 345 312 5238


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