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Dolomitica Run - Half Marathon - Val Rendena  -  june 15,  2024

The race

More than a race, a hymn to the territory. A great competitive event dedicated to level running, in collaboration with all the institutions and associations of the valley, where sport is an instrument of aggregation, a universal language to communicate the values of an entire community. The one who really wins is unity.

Half Marathon
21.09 km 

21 km along the whole valley, on a completely asphalted path surrounded by greenery that follows the suggestive cycle path of Val Rendena, crossing enchanting places: from the fascinating "Vetreria" of Carisolo, to the Piana dei masi between Giustino and Caderzone, from the village of Strembo, to the meadows with a view of Adamello between Spiazzo and Pelugo, from the woods along the Sarca river of Porte di Rendena to the finish line, the real show: a triumph, the last lap on the athletics track, inside the Centro stadium Sports center of Sesena in Tione di Trento.

Dolomitica Run
10K Val Rendena 

The 10k Val Rendena, a non-competitive race, expands the Dolomitica Run Val Rendena experience not only to those who are not ready for a half marathon, but to all those who, over a distance of 10 km, are able to express themselves at their best. 

Including the champions, of course.

The route is the most fascinating part because it is designed for most of the kilometres on the route of the Half Marathon, therefore with all the beauty of the course: asphalt surface, 100% in the nature.

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